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Huangshan, the combination of astonishment and debilitation

From beauty to awe

Huangshan, a beauty of a place for some, others might think it’s a never ending workout in between some rocks instead of a gym. To be fairly honest, the day after, it did feel like I lost both of my legs. Here’s why:

The area is famously known for its range with heaps of knifelike peaks which you cannot avoid walking up and down from. Moreover, the low hanging clouds, stunning pine trees and just ineffable views make these mountain ranges look more like an actual fairy tale. This is one of the main reasons why I travel China, its distinctive nature.

And what would mountain ranges be without waterfalls appearing out of nowhere. Well, probably just mountains. Though, the traveller inside you knows what I mean here. It just tips it off and there should be an actual reason for the thousands of classical paintings and poems about this place. In short: it’s flabbergasting.

Moreover, there are heaps of “details” during the walk. I mean, if you consider half a meter high pots, a massive random temple and drying pork-ish legs, details, than yes, loads of them. Though, they do give that final touch to the place. And who doesn’t love some dragons and unreadable calligraphy on the walls?

The picture above defs shows some good banter as well. After walking several peaks, thousands and thousands of stone steps and many astonishing viewpoints, you kinda feel bad for Chinese people. Not because of their short legs or anything, but because they are always struggling with taking these sneaky pictures of Western people. So why not giving them a hand during a proper day of crippling your physique.

And to keep it all real, we stayed in a proper Asian town. The pictures above say it all. But this is an experience never to forget. At least, not for as long as my legs won’t start working properly.

Worth it


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