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China and its quaint tangibilities

Simply inexpressible

Talking about cultural differences whilst trying to grasp and understand them is defs one of the things we do most when living here. Though, culture is a pretty general term if you’d ask me. It’s build out of layers and layers of habits, lifestyles, perspectives, education and so on. However, in my opinion, it is basically in the details if one wants to point out cultural differences. But details can be major as well and are not only intangible aspects. It does cover a broad range of tangible, let’s say, “thingies” as well. therefore, all the pictures depicted below show a great deal of differences which elucidate why Asia is so Asian and China so China.

China has its beauty in the small streets. If one’s not used to travel it might come over as dirty, unsafe and very, very weird. In my opinion, these are very safe and nice places to walk around in whilst being around the locals. These places are away from tourism and all of its scams. Most people mean well here and will actually help you out whenever needed. Though, bring Google translate or you’ll find yourself going through a rollercoaster of events which will sure bring some memories and banter along. Not sure if it’ll be positive, though.

What is fairly astonishing as well is their use of technology. Let’s take television screens for an example. you’ll find them everywhere basically. like for real, they have them inserted in the cab driver’s car dashboard, in elevators, outside elevators, in the subway etc etc.. the amount of entertainment / propaganda is fairly nuts.

What’s also throwing me off sometimes are their habits during work. They defs like playing their sports during lunchtime. from ping ping to a gym to badminton and many more. The other day I even bumped into a temple which was build into one of the office buildings. Tourists normally pay to get into these places while this one became my private tourist temple. Moreover, also sleeping is one of their main habits to do after a lunch break. And yes, I’ve been wondering if I could join that wee afternoon sesh a couple of times.

Furthermore, not only do they have their typical routines during work but you can also find heaps of them just by walking through the streets. This goes from playing Mahjong all the way to dancing in the evenings, selling street food and many more!

All of these places definitely make you feel like you are in Asia, and to be fairly honest, it is one of my best experiences so far. Hence, I am absolutely loving every second being here!

An experience to never forget


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