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Business in Shanghai, accessible or puzzling?

Baffling as it is, defs doable

Many people who’ve only heart about the biggest city in the world must think it’s a shark bay when it comes down to business. Well, it is in a way, though, not as incomprehensible as one might assume.

Nevertheless, I am not saying it is slow-paced. It is rather fast paced and a lot of things are just always happening which is why one might want to reconsider thinking too far ahead of himself. Conversely, having only short term goals would have you bankrupt in shanghai in a matter of months as well. It is finding the equilibrium that does the job here. A lot of business deals, at least from what I have seen, are built on trust. Having partnerships is important but flexibility is at least as important. This is one of these typical controversies again which make this city chaotic but convenient to do business in. And to be fairly honest, it is necessary to have them both in place at the same time.

Furthermore, in spite of the inflating cost of production, the workforce here is still rather cost effective in comparison with Western countries. At least, this can be said of craftsmanship. Not only the small things like suits and shoes but also, furniture and other important lifestyle choices can and will be tailor made by hand. That is one of the amazing things of living here. Whatever your need or wish, it can be done. This doesn’t take away all the processes behind it, though, it’s a mix and match of chaos and trust if you’d ask me. However, I’ve seen them taking orders on a piece of paper and forgetting all about it the day after..

Considering it the biggest city in the world concerning population, jobs should be everywhere. And it awestruck me multiple times what kind of jobs they invent. This goes from people telling you when to cross an intersection to having a doorman at every door or even having 4 police officers dealing with traffic whilst there are actually traffic lights on every single corner. Though, the latter might have something to do with the driving skills of Chinese people in general.

On the other hand, there’s just always something happening here. From network events, to opening parties of companies on amazing rooftops all the way too just being able to have lunch with heaps of people every single day and just talk business. If you have a nose for it, the opportunities will keep coming at you. Though, the language barrier can make a major difference in certain industries.

Therefore, the business life is something else in this city. It is different in many ways, but when it really comes down to it, call it capitalism, socialism or communism, they know how to make money in their own way.

Having the biggest
starbucks in the
world might help
as well


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