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The world of WeChat and its capacity

What if there was an easier way?

What if I told you to forget everything about Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Skype and many more? In this case most people would collapse underneath the lack of endorphins probably. And what if we would take it one step further and you’d have to forget about websites on Google, payment procedures via a banking app, a translating app or even the number of your favourite cab driver or just the Uber app. This is exactly what China does. They don’t have any of that.

Though, not to worry, people here don’t send their post via pigeons or ravens nor do they ride horses (at least not in the city), they use WeChat. The most used messaging app in the world with over 889 million users. So this may have one wondering what WeChat is actually about, it basically contains everything that endorses our lives digitally and makes it convenient.

Look at WeChat as its own ecosystem. Starting from a messaging app it became by far the most innovative app I’ve ever encountered. So what are all the possibilities it contains:
– Messaging, video calling, voice calling and picture messaging
– Gaming
– Instagram moments ~ Instagram
– WeChat maps which also allows you to order cabs
– WeChat Pay and its financial services
– Dating
– Translating app
– Scanning QR codes
– WeChat mini-programs (An app in an app bypassing Google Play services)
– Open webpages in Wechat itself
And many more…

It didn’t only open an entire new world with all these options, it also affected certain industries due to its E-commerce possibilities. Even in the extent where 40% of the Chinese population carry less than 100 RMB (USD 14.5) in cash nowadays. Meaning, offline sales had to adapt to WeChat’s online payment option by introducing QR codes. Scanning the QR code automatically makes you pay for everything in your basket. How is that for convenience? When we are struggling with wearables and pay wave, they just bypassed the entire system.

Moreover, it can also just be your one stop content driven app for the entire day. It even sustains leisure or other activities one normally does scrolling through 100 apps on his/hers phone. WeChat includes content via “official accounts” containing blogs, newspapers, the stock market, travel magazines, food recommendations and many more.

Everything written above is a brief summary of all of its options, but to comprehend it, one should actually use it. Isn’t it stunning that the most used and convenient app in the world didn’t even get into Western territory.. The app basically contains 24% of global internet users and with a good advertising campaign one can reach millions of users within seconds. It does make you contemplate about how leaping instead of taking it step-by-step might actually just enhance our standard of living in the West.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, it is even easier to navigate through WeChat than through Facebook messenger in my opinion. How’s this for a wake up call?


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  1. Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media we have in Europe can learn a lot from WeChat! It is incredible how fast you can get used to not using anything else just your phone and how convenient it is. I cannot wait for the day when such technology reaches Europe. I am excited to hear when people will talk about how “back in the day” they used to pay with cash. 🙂

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  2. The level of sophistication that WeChat has achieved is very impressive indeed! I don’t know why people would say Chinese technology is catching up with the US when they’re evidently one step ahead of them.

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