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My 5 most beloved characteristics of China

Every country I’ve lived in had its own characteristics I fell in love with. May this be Switzerland’s business environment and its nature, Australia’s boganism, Romania’s genuity and South-East Asia’s stunning ridges, rice fields or to say nothing about its bamboo villages. Of course, the same goes for China. Have a look at the 5 aspects which make China, China for me.

Shanghai’s CBD

Shanghai’s Central Business District is something which left me stupefied more than once. It is by far one of the coolest and amazing business districts to stroll through. And if walking through it may not be enough, one could stand on top of it by climbing the highest tower or just glaze at it from the bund.

Its details

China is famous for its difference in culture. I mean, if you are from the West it is. It can easily be depicted by looking at all the small details whilst roaming through the city, water villages or its nature.

Its food culture

Moreover, there is the food culture. Talking about the aquariums in the shopping malls, street food places or just the thousands and thousands of small kitchens spread throughout the city is certainly something worth experiencing. It really is something to enjoy if your stomach can handle it.

Its nature

China’s nature is simply stupefying and inefable. It’s something that will always stay with me from this continent in general. May it be taking a slowboat on the Mekong river for 2 days, going to Hanghzou’s Westlake or walking your legs of in the yellow mountains, it is just stunning.

Its economy

Its economy.. Easily misunderstood but quite amazing. Its sharing economy which just works, a city of 25 million people or just the country by itself containing over a billion people. All of it controlled by the social (and financial) credit system. The West could learn a thing or 2 from the East in my opinion.


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