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Australia, for most travelers a dream, for me a reminiscence after travelling the entire East coast from Cairns all the way down to Melbourne. At the age of 18, it shaped and rebuilt me for almost a year whilst forging a steady ground for me to commence new adventures upon.

It’s the foundation of who I am today

After graduating secondary school, I took the opportunity to go to Australia. A dream coming true is the least I can say, it has been this one special lifetime event which could never be done again, or at least that’s what I thought. Whilst meeting heaps of people, scuba diving at the great barrier reaf, bunjee jumping in cairns, launching a business in sales and many more, I actually found the inner backpacker in me.

Meeting people is one of the major reasons why I love to travel. It goes beyond getting to know the culture, it makes you connect on a deeper level with other backpackers who are in the same situation as you. Treasuring those relationships is hard, although, worth it! From meeting flatmates all the way to people you just met during a surf sesh and traveling together for weeks is the way to go down under.

Getting closer with the locals is always the tricky thing, especially when they don’t speak English. Aussies are known for their accent and slang which makes it all the more fun having some banter. Hence, connecting with locals (bogans) and doing some local stuff (Boganism) is simply indescribable. From making boomerangs to Turkish Bourbon in the sink all the way to fishing on a boat make these experiences absolutely fantastic.

The local wildlife, on the other hand, is something that is, well ehh, ‘fascinating’ to say the least. It makes you jump from your chair, run away in the woods, give you a heart attack from one second to the other whilst you are just trying to mind your own business once in a while.

Honestly tho, these creatures are truly amazing. Just try to differ the deadly ones from the harmless ones to ensure getting on your plane back home if desired. Snakes, koalas, kangaroos, spiders, dingoes and many more of them will be happily awaiting you whenever you cross their borders.

Apart from all the stuff that goes mayhem in Australia whilst going through the most amazing encounters, I found an opportunity to launch my own business as an independent contractor in sales. By doing so, I’d gain my first sales experiences as well as assertiveness in the business life.

As my sales skills grew, so did my attitude. This goal-getting attitude is one which I will always nourish due to its high impact on everything I stood for. It gave me the opportunity to become more critical, social, adaptable and self-motivating. These have been my driving factors into becoming more resilient in life and my next confrontations.


Switzerland – Seealpsee

Switzerland, the beautiful combination of travel and business. Switzerland did not only spark my business interest, it also broadened my perspectives concerning work-life balance. Since I grew fond of learning business skills whilst pursuing personal goals through travelling, I discontinued living with my dominant biases and started understanding the relativity of life expectations.

Switzerland, the beautiful combination of travel and business

The nature.. Switzerland developed its own small ecosystem in the center of Europe. From being sunburned at the end of March to 10 cm of snow mid April. Seeing the Matterhorn, going to Interlaken, Living in St. Gallen for a good 5 months and many more, was one of the most stunning experiences I’ve went through. Switzerland holds a special spot in my memories and hopefully future ventures.

It sure has been a wild 5 months trying to catch up with everything. During this trip I was attending school in St. Gallen at FHS. A school which thought me more than any other school ever did. It went, let me put that in a figurative way, beyond being a parrot whilst becoming the best monkey in class.

This gave me lots of highs but even more lows which made me build the necessary confidence to tackle certain topics differently. By conducting a consultancy project and actually putting everything in real time practice, it became one of my most memorable life lessons.

Although getting to know people is great and all, it’s the inner connect that does the magic. We didn’t only study with international students, most of our classes were a mix and match of Swiss and international students. This did not only give us the opportunity to make friends with locals but also to go and do lots of local stuff like Carnival in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. All of the fantastic experiences just kept on adding up giving us the real Swiss experience.

Switzerland sounds like the perfect package and it actually almost is in my opinion. They preserved most of their rich history, giving them the chance to properly stick to their roots. Culture, nature, business, connect, relationships and many more are the cornerstones of this fabulous semester.

No mountain to high and no sea to deep to endeavor anything crossing my path, at least, that’s what I thought. After having lived abroad for almost 18 months, I quickly realised that I had been living in the world’s most prosperous countries. Meaning, I might wanted to take on more challenging areas in order to understand these economies, cultures, politics and life-habits. And so I did.


Laos – Vang Vieng

Backpacking South-East Asia and getting to know second world countries, why not? I reckon it’d be easier crossing of the “why not” check-list than the “why yes” one. It is, honestly, one of the most fairytale-like places one could cross. Living from street food, driving around on motor bikes, taking a slow boat for 3 days, getting into the jungle are only few of the privileges I encountered.

A fairytale-like place

Starting from Thailand and its rice fields, going through Laos all the way to Cambodia, discovering Angkor What (6th World Wonder) and topping it of with Singapore is the geographical itinerary of this trip. Doing so gave me heaps of insights concerning how people live there, the conditions they go through, there way of reasoning and the political standards. To get to know the economy, I would have had to work here.

As for the people and their culture, I was flabbergasted learning about their poor standard of living. that’s the moment I knew that this encounter would not only be a valuable life lesson for me, but it could also give me entirely new perspectives, ones which you can’t discover by yourself due entrenched biases.

Moreover, the art and ancient history of South-East Asia awestruck me straight away. Moving from street food, to temples, to another temple and guess what, more temples. After about a couple of days, I was done with the entire temple hunt, although, you never skip any of them whilst driving around on your motor bike. And taking 100+ pictures of a laying Buddha. It’s not just the Temples tho, it’s how the entire continent is shaped, there’s nothing like it in Europe which could be compared to this astonishing place.

Angkor What, aka the sixth world wonder, also didn’t disappoint. Driving through the entire area with a motorbike, knowing that everything in the entire area, end-to-end, connects on the millimeter with one another. These are the aspects which put me with two feet on the ground when I think about it.

Furthermore, the wildlife, going from monkeys in the temples, to spiders and snakes in the jungle, to sharks and turtles whilst snorkeling on a long forgotten beach. There’s a bit of everything. Oh yes, they do have some friendly animals running around as well.

Singapore, on the other hand, is something, well, rather stupefying. It isn’t something like I’ve ever come across with and I was bowled over every single moment I was outside gaping at this city. The neatness, rules, nature, tourist attractions, business and just the flow of the city is indescribable. It swallows you in and makes you live in the moment. There’s no time to think or process when you’re fast travelling through the city, but you do want to see everything 10 times over. It’s not just more of the same, it’s more and better of our Western culture in combination with the efficiency of Asian’s tier 1 cities. This was the final piece of the puzzle which I didn’t see coming at all. Hence, spending a couple of days in this city will leave you awestruck.


Romania – Curtea de Arges

Romania, rich of Western, Russian and old Ottoman culture was this emerging country where I took the opportunity to pursue my first internship. Working, studying and travelling abroad, a learning process which furtherly endorsed my ever growing international competencies and interests.

Working, studying and travelling abroad, a dream coming true

Comprehending a culture only occurs when you’ve actually lived there. Understanding how privileged one is, is to not only move out of your comfort zone but also, to let go of your standard of living once in a while. Doing things differently!

So here I was, undertaking this internship at Flanders Investment and Trade. Learning a great deal about the market and the economy was one side of the coin, but, where better to get thrown in at the deep end concerning politics than the public sector. This is where I got to understand the people’s way of living due to the acts of the economic and political system.

Apart from business, what a country! It made me reminisce about South-East Asia when I got to the coffee shop and tried to order some coffee. English was a no-go, so here I was again, using my bare hands and feet in order to get a flat white with 2 sugars. Long story short, Google translate solved the mystery for both parties.

What’s not to forget is the influence from all the cultures which inhabited Romania, especially since it used to be such a rich trade country. This made visiting the bigger cities and even the country side an absolute beauty.

And then there was the nature, it almost compels you to keep driving around in the scenery. From a lake with a fair in salt mines, to the black sea all the way to snowy mountains and Dracula’s castle. It simply won’t stop diversifying anywhere you go. The people who live outside the bigger cities are not unknown to strangers like Asians do, but they will still look a second time whenever they think you’re not looking. Romania is a place full of hidden gems which aren’t even hidden the moment you get out of the city.

Moreover, the weather was quite the memorable aspect about my three month stay here. Going from -17 degrees Celsius to +20 degrees Celsius in 2 weeks might not have been strange to them, my sunburn said otherwise. The temperature also remained steadfast above 20 degrees for my entire stay, making every day something to look forward to.

Therefore, all things considered, it is definitely a bizarre, amazing and fascinating place to visit and / or live. It made me realise how privileged we are as Western people based upon the materialised success stories we show everyone. Romania, was, once again, one of these revelations, furtherly developing my personality as my soft skills.

Life’s about more than just coming through the day

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