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The social credit system, a remedy or a prison?

A concept misunderstood Think about this, you live in a world where all people would actually comply to all social rules. Yeah nah, forget about that, it's not in human nature not to cross boundaries. Nevertheless, what if you live in a country inhabiting more than 1 billion people, some rules should exist. But how... Lees verder →

Interning in Shanghai, is it feasible?

It really is a never sleeping city Imagine a world where everything's automated and everything just keeps working 24\7. Now, take the machines out of the equation and replace them with Chinese people. And there you go, that is basically what you can expect from Shanghai. These people are working like auto-bots in computer games.... Lees verder →

Throwback I: Shanghainese! Say what?

Hangzhou Shangainese, for one a dialect, for the other, well you know, just Chinese..It didn't take long before I understood that I was in a completely different, indescribable and, for many, a misunderstood place. Don't get me wrong, I understand, someone did think at one point that chopsticks are the most efficient tool to eat... Lees verder →

Shanghai, the 1st & 2nd world combined

From business to embedded Chinese folklore hidden in small streets away from all the city noise. So first things first, Shanghai has been amazing and is definitely worth a visit if you want to experience something which will question the way you live. It's not only about how people do things here, it are the... Lees verder →

From English to Chinglish

Why procrastinate the future? One does not simply go to China without a basic knowledge of Chinese. Therefore, in stead of becoming a professional in using Google translate, learning Chinese was the way to go. Not only were the classes imperative, actually speaking the language, or at least thinking you were, became a daily ritual.... Lees verder →

The happy chopsticks

Japanese cuisine Asia is famously known for eating with chopsticks, but what about the endless options in between rice and noodles, or just more rice. Honestly, don´t bother when you don´t have a knack for eating with chopsticks. Try ordering the dishes with the biggest chunks of food or you´ll end up, like me, tossing... Lees verder →

New realities

First impressions Moving to Shanghai was, unlike any other trip, not the easiest thing to do. Obtaining the right visa, apps and programs whilst going through the entire hassle of documentation, proved, once again, how easy it is to travel and live within Europe's jurisdiction and other western societies. Thinking about it, it was definitely... Lees verder →

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